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Enabling Purpose-driven Professionals and Business Owners

LIVE true

to Thrive on their Own Terms

who am i?

A Singapore-born wife & mother with a global outlook

I swam with sharks on Wall Street for a decade, before Coaching Leaders from 2010, launching Live True in 2016 to serve these missions:

Helping Purpose-driven High-performers Thrive on their Own Terms 


Together, we examine and rewrite what Success, Worth, Risk and Uncertainty means.


I guide my clients to chart a future where they bring their Whole Selves to Life - be it work, relationships or their communities.


And in doing so, they sparkle brilliantly and joyfully, while benefiting the World.

Creating fun and safe spaces for women with Money

Women seeking a breakthrough in their Relationship with Money are drawn to work with me.


From Florida to the EU to Singapore, my clients learn to negotiate, invest and navigate money with zen and mastery, true to themselves. 

As an investor, I lead the SheEO and Ladies Investment Club communities in Singapore, that aim to support the female economy with the spirit of Radical Generosity.




Peak performance

Financial wellness

Navigate risk powerfully

Claim your superpower

community building & speaking

Gender investing

Conscious investing

Womens' investor circles

programs &


Grow with others under structured accountability

Empower your female workplace community

Strategic advisory

Launching or raising funds?

Pivot or exit?

Co-founder separation?

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