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A 10-week program of content, structure and support to galvanise a breakthrough in your financial life.

A note from the Program Architect, Gail:

Have you noticed familiar patterns/blocks when you work with money, and want to get “unstuck”?


Are you looking for a more authentic and meaningful approach to money?


It may be time to cultivate a different kind of financial intelligence.

  • I don’t know who to trust – everyone seems to want to sell me something and profit off the transaction. 

  • My success with money goes deeper than financial knowledge – there are emotions and instincts at play and I want to manage them better.

  • I suck at negotiation (for myself). 

  • I can’t seem to get anywhere with investing – I don’t know enough, or I don’t have enough time to do this right. 

  • The thought of opening Excel makes my brain shut down. I just want to curl up under the covers.


These are confessions of high-performing corporate employees – even bankers and C-suites.


I myself once carried similar beliefs about money for years, at great personal and financial cost - and I have been a top-ranked investment banker and honours graduate from the Wharton Business School!


When I actively de-tangled myself from such limiting beliefs in 2016, I created a program curriculum that has supported hundreds of people to improve their relationship with money, and be financially and emotionally well.


Make Money Better is not about crunching numbers or financial strategies (though many participants do learn some of this along the way)

The backbone of the program lies in understanding our money beliefs, and creating mindset shifts. This is the beginning of a new experience of money, along with enhanced effectiveness.


Aligning your money beliefs are essential for success. They are powerful unseen forces that could be keeping you small, all this time.

Outcomes of the program

99% of past program participants have reported the following breakthroughs:

Dream Bigger

The courage to look beyond traditional employment and design a life I love.
No more a ball and chain, money is simply a tool to accomplish my aspirations.

I'm not stopped anymore by "not enough" -- I can still move forward without knowing or having everything in place.

Love Deeper

I experience and enjoy my husband's love for me at a whole new level.
It feels like we're on the same team. No more money fights!
To trust myself, and advocate for self - that's priceless.

Live Fuller

Slayed a lifelong hoarding habit and decluttered my home.
A monthly "Playjar" for my enjoyment and wellness, guilt-free and joyful!
I now buy exactly what I desire, instead of (many of) the cheapest thing.

Be Richer

Exited an ailing business, and reinvented my professional future.
Raised my prices to reflect my true value.
Invested with peace of mind, after years of fear-based cash hoarding.

Are you ready to Make Money Better?

Phaik Ai C., Singapore

"Thank you Gail for bringing this money program to life! Between your ‘7Cs’ framework, and the community you created, there was a space of ease to examine and discuss “difficult” topics. I really enjoyed the learnings, authentic sharing and new friendships I developed in this program. In distinguishing a story, I found new freedom in many aspects of my life."

Read on to learn more about our proven curriculum and transformative facilitation.

Program structure

Make Money Better is a 10-week container to make progress on one aspect/ goal of your financial wellness. It is a repeatable process that has been used in multiple facets of financial life - by Gail herself, and hundreds of individuals she has enabled since 2017.

Program elements:

  • A proven 7C’s curriculum to heal money beliefs that have limited you before

  • Curated recommendations for your financial journey

  • A nurturing container for healing and aligned action

  • Consistent touchpoints: 8 sessions over 10 weeks

  • Accountability to design and realise your financial goal

  • 1x personal coaching session

  • Being brave with others in the same game and growing together

  • Supercharge with personalised coaching

Common Framework, Personalised Outcomes 

In this program, you will be guided to identify one area of your finances that you desire to make change in. This will be the focus for the 10 weeks.

You will use a common and proven proprietary framework, designed to meet each individual where they are, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Every person will experience the program uniquely, and emerge with personalised outcomes – tangible outcomes that matter to them. After all, our financial life has multiple facets. 


Your unique circumstances will prioritise certain facets for attention in the present. For example, starting a family, hitting your 30’s/40’s, or changing careers, often spark financial reflection and adjustments. 

Which of these realms matter the most to you, right now? Which are calling out for you to make better?


Some examples of initial goals might include:

  • “I want to stop fighting with my husband about how we spend our money.”

  • “I got retrenched and need to figure out what I’ll do next.”

  • “I want to know that I’ll be ok in the future. So far, I’ve been a good budgeter/ saver but have done little else.”

  • “I need to raise my earning power, or to live within my means.”


What is common in the experience of Gail's clients are:

  • “I feel safe and at peace with my money.”

  • “I have options and agency in my financial choices. I can do this.”

  • “The fear, shame and guilt around money that I used to feel has significantly lessened.”

Not sure what realm of money takes priority? Feeling overwhelmed?

Take our comprehensive diagnostic that provides an independent and holistic view of your overall financial wellness, and suggests the best place for you to start making your money better.

 Make Money Better  is not just about making/having more money, but experiencing it positively too!

Sujatha R., Singapore

“Program materials are sleek and concise, and filled with powerful distinctions. Each session brought a breakthrough. "

your facilitator

Gail Wong_Web34_edited.jpg


Your partner in creating a victory over your financial past 


A certified coach with 20+ years’ experience traversing investment banking, impact investing, financial healing and lasting behaviour change, Gail has supported hundreds of emerging leaders with care and compassion in making critical decisions concerning money while honouring their humanity since 2010.​

Gail developed the core curriculum for Make Money Better, which has catalysed a range of life-changing breakthroughs for her clients who have overcome risk-aversion, hoarding, overspending, under-charging, workaholism, dependence and other financial disorders since 2017.​ 

Her trauma-informed practice creates safety, sparks new awareness, unlocks stuck mindsets and nurtures deep self-trust, enabling her clients to courageously take action and build rich lives they love. 

Kathryn M., New Zealand

“Gail has an incredible gift. She's an amazingly calm, thoughtful, insightful and generous facilitator. She led a group I was part of, gently teasing out our money stories, allowing us to lay bare things that were deeply buried, all in a completely supportive and embracing environment."

your next opportunity to Make Money Better

Applications are open for the next cohort, launching end-June 2024.

  • 8 group zoom sessions over 10 weeks

  • 1x laser coaching session with Gail

  • Lifetime access to program materials

  • Intimate cohort capped at 10 people

Set yourself up now for success in 2024 with the Make Money Better program. 

  • Program fee (Singapore dollars)

To encourage you to take that first, all-important step to start your journey, here are some early-bird offers and bonuses:

  • Valid till 31 May, 2024 or till limited spots are filled:

    • $100 off

    • BONUS: a 2nd 1-1 laser coaching session worth $275

All participants will also enjoy:

  • Membership to the Soulful Money community through 2024 - get first access to Gail’s public events and resources! 

  • Supercharge your progress with personalised coaching at introductory package rates – Inquire more here

* beta pricing (worth $2400)

Meng T., China

“I am in such a different place compared to 6 months ago...
i now know that i can trust myself with my money."

Sujatha S., Singapore

I’m glad I took part in Gail’s money program. Each session brought a breakthrough. At the end of the process, I could easily say I was a different person. Our relationship with money involves so much more than the comfort or safety it provides. Looking into this sensitive topic allowed all of us to grow as earning individuals, but above all, as women. Gail is a remarkable facilitator. During the sessions, she managed to create a nurturing environment, and she was a benevolent presence. For all of us, it helped look deeper into ourselves, and into the most important relationships in our lives.” 
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