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My favourite conversations are coaching ones because they revolve around the things that matter most to a human being. 


Clients come to me seeking answers about one (or more) of the following questions:

 Peak leadership and performance

  • How do I be sure I'm living my best life?

  • Am I living my purpose and potential fully?

  • Why do I not feel satisfied, despite all I have achieved?

  • What is holding me back from max fulfilment and results?


 Financial wellness

  • I've neglected my money all these years and really need to make a change. Where/ how do I start?

  • I have all this money, but why does it still feel like "not enough"?

  • Why am I good with others' money, but not so much with mine?

  • How can I get more comfortable and effective at negotiations and selling myself?

I have helped past clients:


 Peak leadership and performance

  • Conduct a Life Audit

  • Define success on their own terms

  • Discover truths about themselves, that they can live by

  • Design life aligned with their truth

  • Find courage to trust themselves

  • Stop asking for permission to fully inhabit themselves

 Financial wellness

  • Break unhealthy spending habits and beliefs

  • Implement a sustainable rhythm for investing their money

  • Learn to enjoy their money without guilt or anxiety

  • Experience abundance, no matter their financial circumstance

  • Navigate uncertainty with confidence and power

  • Use their money aligned with their values

How does coaching work? 

What's the difference between mentoring and therapy? How do I know what I need?

I get this question all the time as coaching is a lesser-understood field. Many folks have played sports or hired a personal training coach but it doesn't work the same way as money or life coaching. 


In a nutshell:

  • A mentor/ advisor tells the answers or shares from their experience.

  • A (well-trained) coach supports you in discovering your answers - ones that work for your life and values - and forge your way forward.


After all, it is YOUR life. Even with long-time clients, I do not profess to know it better than you to tell you solutions. I might occasionally share pitfalls and great resources, gleaned from my 13 years of coaching and personal practice. But mostly, I listen keenly, ask incisive questions to guide your inner exploration, and reflect back key themes on which you would plot your next step.


In the strictest of confidence, I'll be shoulder-to-shoulder with you, navigating darkness towards enlightenment, bringing hidden truths into visibility, translating aspirations into reality... smashing limiting beliefs and creating victories over the past.


When I coach, I do get pretty deep with clients - many have shed limiting beliefs and reprogrammed their mindset significantly through our work together. I am certified to coach on financial wellness/ money with a trauma-informed approach.


However, any other forms of trauma, or self-harming behaviours are not in my wheelhouse and I would be happy to suggest other professionals in therapy or psychology fields to support you in that.

who have i worked with?

It's a complete privilege for me to support purpose-driven coachees - however diverse: men and women; social workers to mid-management corporate climbers to entrepreneurs/CEOs; 20's singles to 60's grandparents.


What they have in common:

  • They care about serving humanity in their own way, every day. 

  • They are willing to do the work, be occasionally uncomfortable and are capable of self-reflection.

Many are self-professed perfectionists and over-thinkers. Some have had a history of being high achievers, people-pleasing and understated.


The biggest reward is seeing them find their voice, face their fears, belong fiercely to themselves, spread their wings and leave their unique mark in the world.


Gail is one of my most trusted partners in my leadership and business journey. Blessed with the great gift of creating a safe, judgment-free space, Gail never fails to help uncover the psychological barriers in both my personal and professional life. She provides insightful and practical tools that I can implement to reframe my thinking and improve my habits and performance. A genuine and warm person, Gail often goes above and beyond her role to check in and provide support between our coaching sessions. Since we started working together, I've achieved several breakthroughs and I'm grateful to have Gail as a coach to guide and help navigate my self-development and self-mastery. 

Mingshan Goh (AFC, AEPP)

FPAS Financial Planner of the Year | MDRT | Agency Leader, Tokio Marine Insurance Group (Asia)

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