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programs and workshops

Since 2017, Gail has designed and facilitated programs and workshops for the public on financial wellness, based on a proprietary workshop series now known as Make Money Better. The 7'C's curriculum in Make Money Better was a byproduct of her personal evolution into an enlightened investor and entrepreneur.

Gail also occasionally runs customised programs at MNCs for diversity initiatives to empower women leaders in their career progression and financial mastery.

corporate clients include:



I invited Gail to conduct a tailored workshop for a small group of women at BHP, around uncovering our psychological barriers when it comes to managing our personal finances. The safe, judgment-free environment she created helped to set the tone for self-discovery, and the group benefited from her step-by-step facilitation around a difficult topic. We certainly came away with a different perspective on our relationship with money, and with a personal action plan around our finances. Thank you Gail for the thoughtfully created workshop!

Hazel Tan

Principal Sales (Marketing Manager), Coal Marketing at BHP

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