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What Motivates Me?





At age 27, I was a rising star at Morgan Stanley, closing billion-dollar deals across 3 continents. Despite the bank account and adoration of having “done everything right”, a future of corporate-ladder climbing and hustling seemed soul-killing and empty. After carrying an emptiness and questioning that no amount of money or admiration could fill for a few years, I chose to turn away from what I had excelled at, no job in hand, to build a purposeful life from scratch.

Walking through that darkness into light fuels me to support others out there who are aching to serve the world with their full and unique brilliance... and want a little help. There were moments I wished for a guide, and I have since learnt to ask for and receive wisdom from others.

I have coached since 2010 and began my independent practice, Live True, in 2016 which revolves around financial wellness and purposeful leadership. I support my clients to navigate critical decisions concerning money and their livelihoods in ways that honour their values, and build rich lives they love. My coaching approach and training is trauma-informed: the compassion and safety I bring to difficult conversations sparks profound healing and transformative results. 

I’ve learnt firsthand that the inner work needed to uphold your heart’s desire in a world that relentlessly asks us to “be more… do more…” demands courage, commitment and the right support. It is the greatest privilege to walk with my clients seeking success on their own terms and witness them finding wholeness, joy and freedom. 


I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience life in its full wonder because of that first decision to step away from stifling convention. My other multi-hyphenates include: engaged mother, budding painter, seasoned yogi, now-rusty vocalist, spiritual sojourner, cycle-breaker and lifelong learner.

I am a certified coach, conscious investor and business advisor operating at the nexus of capital, entrepreneurship, and spirituality with over 2 decades of experience in corporate finance, investing, financial healing and lasting behaviour change.

My experience

The first decade of my career was on Wall Street.

After graduating Magna cum Laude in Finance from The Wharton School of Business, I advised Financial Services and Technology companies on over $10bn worth of M&A, IPO and financing deals at Morgan Stanley.

Promoted and rotated across 4 offices over 3 continents, I served clients from privately-held startups to blue-chip giants, including PIMCO, Legg Mason, Temasek, OCBC Bank, and Siemens. 

I began my coaching experience at Landmark Education in 2010. For 2 years, I empowered people from all walks of life to create life-changing breakthroughs, led transformational programs and raised new leaders for the organisation.


My private practice, Live True, began in 2016 where I have coached hundreds of emerging leaders (and some of their teams at work). 

While coaching is about helping my clients find their answers, they appreciate my lived experience, such as: 

  • a mother of 2 who has recovered from depression twice;

  • a recovering co-dependent, empath and perfectionist who has developed healthy boundaries in life and work;

  • a deeply-sensitive creative who has unlearnt the protective mechanisms that kept me from being my full self;

  • despite working in finance, a woman who once let her husband handle investing. (Said husband now insists I do a better job at it!)


I continue to be engaged with money since leaving banking. I oversee my family's modest and diversified portfolio and ran a gender-lens angel investing club and VC from 2018-2021. My private portfolio is over ¾ women-led and/or impact-driven. I am proud to be an advisor to progressive investment vehicles like Angels of Impact and Circulate Capital, and a passionate activator of Coralus (fka SheEO), all organisations building a world that works for all, and living by those principles. 


Trauma of Money Badge.png


My coaching certifications include:

  • International Coaching Federation (Associate Certified Coach) - 2018 and 2021, 

  • Conversational Intelligence® - the art and neuroscience of building trust, navigating difficult issues and developing high-performing, innovative work cultures through conversations - 2018, and

  • The Trauma of Money, a compassionate approach that explores frameworks for healing collective and individual traumas to create financial safety and well-being - 2022.

what people say

Gail is one of my most trusted partners in my leadership and business journey. Blessed with the great gift of creating a safe, judgment-free space, Gail never fails to help uncover the psychological barriers in both my personal and professional life. She provides insightful and practical tools that I can implement to reframe my thinking and improve my habits and performance. A genuine and warm person, Gail often goes above and beyond her role to check in and provide support between our coaching sessions. Since we started working together, I've achieved several breakthroughs and I'm grateful to have Gail as a coach to guide and help navigate my self-development and self-mastery.

-Mingshan Goh, Associate Director (Tokio Marine Insurance)

Just finished an #unlearning SheEO™ track with Gail Wong, ACC on finance. Gail thank you for connecting some dots for me on trauma-informed financial behaviours, by inviting us to experience the feelings we might have around money and our money story. Your skilful, careful and kind approach unlocked some unfinished business for me today and I am deeply grateful... There is so much in the #genderinvestmentgap and applying the #genderlens that has deep roots. You provided a safe space for learning and have sewn seeds for me to do more work on this for myself and the communities and individuals I find myself in... Thank you, Gail.

- Moira Were, Independent Board Member and Mayor (City of Onkaparinga) 

Thanks so much for today’s session Gail, I think the unpacking of childhood and other traumas in order to recognize how we are using consumerism and money to self-soothe and create safety was super insightful and helpful.

- Jen Green, Independent Gender and Business Expert

I'm present to how deep the conditioning is in the masterclass. We all come from different life stages in different careers. And the stories we share are so familiar and so intimate. The exact face of our suffering might be different, but there is that sense of solidarity. Given what we're up against, given the messages we receive all the time, we do need community, only so that we can hold each other's hands and cry every so often. This conversation makes me feel a little less daunting and a little less alone. So thank you, Gail.

-Eileen Tupaz, mindfulness & meditation teacher

I liked the use of slides, thinking about it and seeing it there helps me to feel it's not so overwhelming. And recently, I was a bit disappointed with finances and things that happened, and I just kind of gave up. So this discussion feels to me like the first step in a toe in the water and it feels good and pleasant. I think you've made the topic very accessible and that was nice. Thank you.

- Michelle Tessensohn, Healer and Guide (The Way of Self-Healing)

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