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1-on-1 coaching

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My favourite conversations are coaching ones because they revolve around the things that matters most to a human being. 

A mentor/ advisor tells the answers or shares from their experience. As a coach, my mission is to support you in discovering your answers - the ones that will work for your life and values.

In the strictest of confidence, I'll be shoulder-to-shoulder with you, navigating darkness towards enlightenment, bringing hidden truths into visibility, translating aspirations into reality... smashing limiting beliefs and creating victories over the past.

It's a complete privilege to support purpose-driven coachees - however diverse: men and women; social workers to mid-management corporate climbers to CEOs; 20's singles to 60's grandparents - who care about serving humanity in their own way, every day. 

The biggest reward is seeing them spread their wings and leave a mark in the world.


In the last 4 months, I have been honored to have Gail as my coach. With Gail as my coach, I discovered my purpose, what makes me distinctive and how to articulate it.


Working with Gail, helped me bring to light strengths that I was not aware of, like being resilient in the face of adversity, navigating through different challenges and gaining new perspectives and insights.

During our coaching sessions, I develop a new money narrative, understanding the system around it and how to better position myself.

Her powerful questions and direct communication helped me discover solid solutions. The safe, trustworthy space that Gail created during our sessions, offered me a sounding board to talk things through and to internalize my discoveries.

Mihaela Munteanu

Head of Learning & Development (Romania) & Certified Coach, London Stock Exchange

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