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A 10-week program of content, structure and support to

galvanise a breakthrough in your financial life.

If you have financial goals that seem persistently elusive,
it may be time to cultivate a different kind of financial intelligence.

Along with crunching numbers and planning, aligning your money beliefs are essential for success.

They are powerful unseen forces that could be keeping you small, all this time.

rooted in


  • a proven 7C’s curriculum to heal money beliefs that have limited you before

  • curated recommendations for your financial journey



  • a nurturing container for healing and taking aligned action consistently

  • accountability to design and realise your financial goal



  • being brave with others in the same game and growing together

  • supercharge with personalised coaching option


Sujatha R., Singapore

“Program materials are sleek and concise, and filled with powerful distinctions. Each session brought a breakthrough. "
Gail Wong_Web34.jpg

guided by


Your partner in creating a victory over your financial past 


A certified coach with 20+ years’ experience traversing investment banking, impact investing, financial healing and lasting behaviour change, Gail has supported hundreds of emerging leaders with care and compassion in making critical decisions concerning money while honouring their humanity since 2010.​


Gail developed Jumpstart’s core curriculum, which has catalysed a range of life-changing breakthroughs for her clients who have overcome risk-aversion, hoarding, over-spending, under-charging, workaholism, dependence and other financial disorders since 2017.​ 


Her trauma-informed practice creates safety, sparks new awareness, unlocks stuck mindsets and nurtures deep self-trust, enabling her clients to courageously take action and build rich lives they love. 

Kathryn M., New Zealand

“Gail has an incredible gift. She's an amazingly calm, thoughtful, insightful and generous facilitator. She led a group I was part of, gently teasing out our money stories, allowing us to lay bare things that were deeply buried, all in a completely supportive and embracing environment."

how it works

Kickoff Q3 2023

  • Identify one area of your finances you'd like to upgrade

  • Participate in 8 group sessions over 10 consecutive weeks, on zoom

    • 60-90 min sessions

    • Live attendance encouraged; recordings and program materials provided

  • This program is intended to catalyse action. Expect to invest an additional 30-90 minutes each week

    • Bite-sized homework: integrate your learning

    • Design and take action: forward your chosen financial goal 

  • BONUS: Receive a 1-1 laser-coaching session with Gail (worth $275) as additional support

  • High-trust, intimate cohort up to 10 people

  • Mindset shifts + Action = lightness, freedom, self-trust and results!


Michelle T., Singapore

"recently, I was a bit disappointed with finances and things that happened, I just kind of gave up. this feels to me like a first step in a toe in the water and it feels good and pleasant. you've made the topic very accessible.”



  • Program fee (Singapore dollars)*

    • Solo: $1499

    • Buddy: $2499 for 2 people

  • Early-bird offer till August 15, 2023:

    • $100 off

    • BONUS: a 2nd 1-1 laser coaching session worth $275**

  • Supercharge with personalised coaching at introductory rates

  • Membership to the Soulful Money community through 2023

* beta pricing (worth $2400)

** limited spots

Meng T., China

“I am in such a different place compared to 6 months ago...
i now know that i can trust myself with my money."

be a yes to your future

Book a free discovery session with Gail to explore what an upgrade in your financial intelligence and well-being could look like. 

What might you accomplish in a circle of trust, accountability and curated knowledge?

How would you like to feel about your money at the end of the year?

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