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Community Building & Speaking


8th April 2021

Makan For Hope: Female Founders

Hosting a rich conversation
on fundraising and building great team cultures with female founders.

20th October 2020

Pathways to Venture Capital: Project EmpowHER at RGS

Contributing panellist to an audience of students aged 13-16.

22nd September 2020

Powertalk Session: 
How To Woman Up about Risks @Women of Influence Asia

How might we approach risk as women? How does risk evolve with different life stages?

1st August 2020

RGSAlumnae Webinar: Financial Empowerment

Sharing and lively discussion fostering engagement on investing

9th November 2019

TEDx TanglinTrustSchool:

Breaking Ground

TEDx TanglinTrustSchool:

Breaking Ground

9th November 2019

Watch Gail's Tedx talk on the power of our money narratives, and its potential to change the world. 

Inaugural Rafflesian Women's Conference

9th November 2019

2nd November 2019

An absolute joy and privilege to spend the morning with other servant leaders - speakers and audience alike. A testament to the enduring and unique RGS spirit.

Success: Redefined

"Empowering Self and Others"

26th September 2019

Girls in Tech Fireside Chat: Tech for Good

Girls in Tech #StartHerSuccess:

Fireside Chat

9th November 2019

What a treat to converse with Raena Lim of StyleTheory, a business I've admired and patronised! Loved creating that lightbulb moment when women discover its possible to make a difference with their money, regardless of bank balance.

7th March 2019

International Women's Day @ Cloudflare HQ

International Women's Day @Cloudfare

9th November 2019

Honoured to speak at the brand new offices of Cloudflare about a special topic - radical generosity.

26th February 2019

SheEO Evening of

Radical Generosity:

Conscious Money

Aligning our money with our values: perspectives from a consumer, marketer, entrepreneur and investor.

16th February 2019

Loving Conversations about Business and Money

Festival of Love Conference

16th February 2019

Is there room for love and humanity when we deal with Money? Transforming our money mindsets can avail that, and change the world too.

30th January 2019

Asia Law Network / Lu Global Investor Panel

What is a healthy risk-taking mindset for investors? Principles of diversification and managing self.

24th January 2019

Inaugural Asia Financial Institutions Forum 2019:
Gender Lens Investing

Inaugural AFI Forum 2019:

Gender Lens Investing

24th January 2019

Delighted to share with pan-Asian delegates in Bangkok about the opportunities of investing in women.

5th December 2018

Naked Nights: The REAL Stories of Entrepreneurs

Gail shares her learnings from entrepreneurship: growth mindset and self-mastery as building blocks for success. 

Naked Nights: The REAL Stories of Entrepreneurs

5th December 2018

13th November 2019

SheEO Fireside Chat with a Female Entrepreneur

June Chua, CEO of The Wok People, shared insights and challenges from leading a business that feeds thousands and employs hundreds.

SheEO Fireside Chat with a Female Entrepreneur

13th November 2019

11th June 2018

First SheEO

"Evening of Radical Generosity" in Asia

Part 2 at Straits Clan - great questions from an engaged, curious community.

11th June 2018

First SheEO

"Evening of Radical Generosity" in Asia

11th June 2018

Introducing SheEO to Asia

Part 1 of the Evening of Radical Generosity, introducing SheEO and practising #radicalgenerosity at the Hive!

Introducing SheEO to Asia

11th June 2018

Programs & Workshops


March-June 2021

Investing Circle for Young Women

Demystifying investing for college-bound young adults; empowering them to create their first portfolios

21st February 2019

@ Festival of Love:

What Money Stories Lie Between You and Your Financial Aspirations?

How fun to talk money in a whole new way with an entire team of financial planners.

24th October 2018

@ ReSet:

An Honest Conversation about Money

A taster workshop of my 7'C's curriculum to transform limiting money beliefs and create financial zen and mastery

ReSet Workshop:

An Honest Conversation about Money

24th October 2018

Strategic Advisory


16th April 2021

BillionDollarMoves: Spotlight on SEA

Discussing the rise of startups in Southeast Asia.

24th March 2021

Johnson & Johnson Innovation: Focusing on Female Founders

Funding female founders and opportunities for bridging the diversity gap.

12th March 2021

SEA Women in Tech: Being At The Table

Founding, building & investing as a female VC in SEA.

5th March 2021

Wholesale Investor: Emergence Conference 2021

Discussing venture capital trends in Asia. 

24th September 2020

Girls in Tech X Indevo Panel: Impact Investment in VC

Impact Investment: Core to the mission of venture capital?

22nd July 2020

Next Chapter Raise: Investor in Residence

Ask me Anything session with female founders - fundraising strategy, negotiations, valuation, you name it!

12th June 2019

Ladies Investment Club X Level 3

A fun afternoon bringing female entrepreneurs and L.I.C. experts together for roundtables on strategy, marketing, finance and team.

23rd May 2019

Echelon Conference Panel: 

#metoo two years on

Kudos to e27 to curate a panel to discuss "Has the tech world done enough to create a safe space for diversity and level the playing field?"

Echelon Conference Panel

23rd May 2019

22nd May 2019

WeConnect Supplier Diversity Summit Panel

"Unleashing the Potential of Women's Entrepreneurship"

with Elizabeth Vasquez (WeConnect), Sophie Guerrin (Dell Technologies) & Pia Bruce (Angels of Impact).

Supplier Diversity Summit by WeConnect

22nd May 2019

22nd May 2019

Ladies Investment Club X La French Tech

Pitch Night

Coming together as investors and curating a diverse lineup of exciting businesses 

7th December 2018

Ladies Investment Club Coffee Morning

A lively panel discussion with our host Aon and 4 expert-entrepreneurs on the myriad considerations when starting a venture

L.I.C. Inspiring Ladies Coffee Session with Aon

7th December 2018

26th September 2018

Ladies Investment Club X Antler Coffee Talk: Women in Business

Read key highlights from this panel here.

26th September 2018

L.I.C. Antler Coffee Talk: Women in Business



December 2020

Not Just Anything: Career choices, life philosophies, and investing in a world we want to see

Podcast by Be-X

17th September 2020

From swimming with the sharks on Wall Street to bringing a gender lens investing approach in VC 

Article by KrASIA

21st July 2020

Raise The Bar: self-promotion, negotiating with power and grace, raising funds as a female founder

Podcast by Next Chapter

25th June 2020

The world of VC: what place women have in it and what needs to change

Podcast by Female Startup Club

June 2020

Female-Led VC: Why women investing can change the entrepreneur landscape

Podcast by The Purse

2nd March 2020

Discussing female entrepreneurship in an IWD feature on Rachel Lim of Love, Bonito

Video interview by CNBC

12th May 2019

Gail Wong -- The role yoga plays in the life of a wife, mom, entrepreneur and a professional coach

Article by Kate Porter Yoga

12th May 2019

Gail Wong -- The role yoga plays in the life of a wife, mom, entrepreneur and a professional coach

Interview by Kate Porter Yoga

26th April 2019

These four women are changing the venture capital landscape across Southeast Asia

Article by e27

30th March 2019

Women Making
Money Moves

Interview by
FinanciElle “$tatements”

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